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Armyn Carabet

Professional Overview

Armyn Carabet is the CEO and Co-founder of ClickN KIDS, an educational publishing company that assists children with learning. The company began when Armyn teamed up with a former business partner, Alan Scalone, after recognizing the problems in early education in their home state of California. ClickN KIDS began as one of the first companies to create an online curriculum for children. Since 2003 when the company was established, it has formed a number of strategic relationships with major companies like Warner Brothers and Wal-Mart. Armyn’s extensive experience in areas like ideation, negotiations, and marketing have helped grow ClickN KIDS into CNKDigital and EPIK Learning to become the successful company that it is today.

When ClickN KIDS first began Armyn Carabet’s main motivation was to help as many children as possible through technology. The first testimonial that Armyn received was from a mother whose ten-year-old son struggled with reading. She found ClickN KIDS’ early program, and in two weeks her son’s reading improved. Testimonials like these help motivate the team at CNK Digital to continue improving their service and reach more children throughout the world. Ultimately, Armyn believes that it’s important to run a business that helps society in some capacity, which is exactly what their technology does.

Over the course of his career, Armyn Carabet has learned the value of collaboration and quality partnerships. Armyn believes that no one can succeed in business on their own. His company promotes a culture where everyone feels empowered to make it better. In order to succeed, one needs to understand how to delegate properly. Armyn’s collaborative philosophy has helped ClickN KIDS reach the level of success that it currently experiences.

Today an increasing number of parents are embracing digital technology to supplement their children’s education. As this trend continues to grow, Armyn Carabet and his team at CNK Digital look forward to providing parents with the tools and resources that they need to help their children master various subjects. There are many aspects that separate them from competitors in the industry. For example, the company’s partnership with Wal-Mart, the ability to quickly scale in response to demand, and the team of educational experts that help perfect the product have ClickN KIDS stand out from competitors. Consequently, ClickN KIDS is in the perfect position to respond to the growing trend of parents who seek supplemental education material.

Outside of work Armyn enjoys spending as much time as possible with his family. His two children are involved in numerous activities such as ballet, art, piano, and karate.

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