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In much the same way that every September brings another Apple launch event, each new year brings a new (or expanding) set of trends for every industry. Here’s the technology expected to define 2018.

AI Overload

Looking back, Artificial Intelligence development started with some hesitations (Most saw iRobot and look how that turned out for Will Smith). Now that the world has overcome that first hill, 2017 brought on a whole new wave of AI, from Sophia, the Saudi Arabian citizen who also happens to be a robot, to the misfires that highlighted just how far we still have to go. AI is no longer relegated to niche specialties either. Instead, companies are applying this tech to a variety of facets in and outside of the workplace.

Professional Phone Photography

With cell phones ingratiated into our daily lives and the social media era pressuring everyone to share more, cameras play a more obvious role than ever. Between iPhone’s portrait mode and the Google Pixel 2, you can see that “Most smartphone camera upgrades have focused on improving the actual camera, like packing more pixels or a bigger sensor into a limited space.” These modifications are set to make 2018 the year of the photographer and now every person with a phone can be one.

Smart Deliveries

With smart homes and smartphones, smart deliveries were the apparent next leap. Odds are you have had mail or a package stolen at some point or another in your life. Odds are you still don’t plan your schedule around the UPS truck though either. Now tech companies are teaming up with delivery services to expand your smart home. As CNN Tech explained, “Amazon Key is a two-part service with the Cloud Cam security camera and a compatible door lock. Users can let Amazon couriers into their homes while they are away and can keep watch through an app to make sure the drivers don’t do anything besides deliver a package and leave.” While the tech and retail giant is the first to introduce smart delivery technology, Google continues to develop competitive products to serve similar purposes based on their own platforms. This year you can expect more deliveries, directly to you.

Household Bots Boom

Life continues to simplify with an assist from automation. “The use of natural language bots will expand from use as automated customer service agents to become routine for daily living.” Think Echo Dot. Think Google Home. From turning on the lights to setting a timer, these automated household helpers will only continue to expand. The artificial intelligence behind them is also getting smarter, more self-aware and in short humanized. Companies continue to improve their algorithms and in turn teaching their bots new skills. Bots are becoming the new normal, and we can expect that trend to continue into 2018 as our homes become ‘smarter’ and bots become more cost-effective.